Monday, January 27, 2014

Malaysian Speak

Don't understand some of the Malaysian phrases used in Outbound Love? Check out the list below:

How are you? = Apa khabar

Good morning = Selamat pagi

Bye/See you again = Jumpa lagi

Thank you = Terima kasih

Sorry/Apologize = Minta maaf

I love you = Aku cinta padamu

Annoying/troublesome = Leceh

Whatever = Cincai

I/me = Saya

Beautiful girl = Gadis cantik

Market = Pasar

Yummy  = Sedap

Stupid = Bodoh


Coconut rice (a national dish of Malaysia) = Nasi lemak

Curry chicken = Kari ayam

Spicy noodle soup = Laksa

Meat bone tea = Bak kut teh

Mixed ice = Ais batu campur (referred to as ABC)

I'm not from Malaysia, so Malaysian readers, correct me if I'm wrong!


  1. Nice try!
    Anyway, I love you = I suka anda is a grammatical incorrect version as
    suka = like, anda = you (when referring politely to strangers or those not close to us)
    Usually, Malaysian will say Aku cinta padamu
    I = aku (local Malay use to refer to themselves speaking to those near and dear / loved ones)
    Love = cinta
    You = kamu (in the above phrase, pada literally means 'to', combine with mu -shortform of kamu- so that a grammatical sentence is form)

    Mixed ice = ais batu campur
    Usually we only mentioned ABC
    Mix = campur
    Ice = ais
    Batu = rock

    1. Thanks for the corrections! I made the changes above.

    2. It is ais batu campur not camour ... Typo?

  2. in olden days we called it "chap suit" also meaning mixed ice in english and in malay ais campur
    youngsters nowadays refer it to ABC.

  3. in chinese "chap" meaning mixed in english
    "suit" meaning ice in english
    sorry being nosy but doing my part to allow younger generation to familiarised what we meant during our younger days.