Monday, December 30, 2013

Overview - Outbound Love

Aimee Chan, who works at a travel agency, visits Malaysia on a business trip. She encounters the local tour guide, Ruco Chan. He constantly gets in the way of her plans, thus, a feuding relationship develops between them. Aimee’s boyfriend, Matt Yeung, suddenly appears in Malaysia to propose to her. Aimee feels blissful as they return to Hong Kong and prepare for their wedding. During their wedding ceremony, a video of Matt cheating with her best friend is leaked. The heartbroken Aimee returns to Malaysia and finds work at a local hotel. She runs into Ruco again, but this time, a different mood and setting creates a different feeling for them. Matt’s sister, Lin Xia Wei, stands on Aimee’s side and supports her decision to break up with Matt. Lin Xia Wei meets the famed chef Tony Hung and asks to become his apprentice. She eventually falls in love with him, but he only has Aimee in his heart. Just as Tony is ready to express his feelings to Aimee, Matt decides to pursue her once again, and the person helping him turns out to be Ruco…

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