Friday, December 13, 2013

Lucky Charm Jessica Hsuan

It's Friday the 13th, so how about a lucky charm?

In a feat unparalleled by anyone else, Jessica Hsuan has brought her on-screen partners the Best Actor Award an astonishing eight times! Seven of those were in consecutive years too!

Gallen Lo - Old Time Buddy (1997)

Gallen Lo - Secret of the Heart (1998)

Louis Koo - Detective Investigation Files IV (1999) - Jessica herself took the Best Actress Award

Bobby Au-Yeung - Witness to a Prosecution (2000)

Louis Koo - A Step into the Past (2001)

Gallen Lo - Golden Faith (2002)

Roger Kwok - Square Pegs (2003)

Roger Kwok - Life Made Simple (2005)

Gentleman, if you want to win TV King, it's time to give Jessica a call!


  1. that's pretty cool! how did you even notice this??

    even though this is a pretty cool coincidence, i feel like it also has to do with their actual talents in acting, besides bobby (who is an amazing actor already) they all won BA more than once, it must have been the golden years of the 90s and jessica being one of the fadans was popular enough and had enough talent as well to be able to be paired up with them. which is why i feel like it really was their 實力 and able to have good chemistry with each other.

    but nonetheless something that jessica should be proud of, to be able to hold a record in this! haha

    1. It was just by coincidence that I noticed. Agree they probably could have won with any partner. But having a good partner in Jessica certainly doesn't hurt!

  2. The drama in singapore she acted in, her co-actor also won best actor... should be this year...

    1. Found it. Tay Ping Hui (鄭斌輝) won Best Actor at the Star Awards 2012 with his role in "Bountiful Blessings" (萬福樓).