Monday, December 30, 2013

Your Questions

You asked, I answered...

What did you study/are you studying in college?
I am in the last semester of my Bachelor of Business Administration degree at the University of Toronto. Planning to go to law school afterwards, but waiting on the response to my applications.

What TVB stars have you met?
Saw quite a few when I visited Hong Kong - Ruco Chan, Louise Lee, Benz Hui, Jack Wu, Divas in Distress cast.

I've also seen some stars when they came to Toronto, such as Kenneth Ma, Linda Chung, Ruco (again!), Sonija Kwok and Him Law. (Check out the tag Star Sightings)

Other stars that I've seen:

Joey Yung Toronto Concert 2012
Miriam Yeung Toronto Concert 2008
Michael Tse, Susanna Kwan, Florence Kwok and
Kenny Wong at TVB Fans Party 2010

What was your first drama that you watched?
The first drama I remember watching is Detective Investigation Files. Fell in love with Michael Tao and Joey Leung's characters.

What are your favourite dramas to watch?
I tend to prefer "serious" dramas over light-hearted ones, although I enjoy witty comedies too (like You're Hired). Favourite genre is investigative-type dramas (ie. police or lawyer). Perfect if there's a good mix of action in it. I obviously love historical dramas as well, particularly those dealing with the palace. Not a big fan of wuxia. Love stuff with War and Beauty style scheming.

How do you know so much about history and context of TVB dramas?
I got interested in Chinese history ever since watching A Step into the Past. Knowing the "accuracy" level of TVB, I like to do research on my own about the historical things that happen in dramas. Figured I might as well share that knowledge with everyone else.

What or who influenced you of starting your blog?
I was looking for something fun to do in the middle of summer. Thought this would just be a casual hobby of mine (hence, my blog's name), but I grew to love blogging about TVB.

How many years do you think you will stay blogging?
No idea. I really love this right now, but who knows if I'll eventually lose interest in TVB dramas, especially considering their current level of quality. Also depends on how much time I'll have in the future.

Who do you think will be the future TVB fadans in 10 years?
Keep an eye out for Lin Xia Wei. She has a lot of talent and is quietly on the rise. Others like Eliza Sam, Samantha Ko, Rebecca Zhu and Grace Wong are in the mix. I'm not including the likes of Nancy Wu and Mandy Wong because their timeline is closer to 5 years.

How do you get ideas for your posts?
Random inspiration. Sometimes I see interesting ideas from Chinese blogs or forums and turn that into a post with my own twist. For series-based posts, like Historical Context, I get ideas straight from watching the series.

If you have more questions to ask, just leave a comment below :)


  1. Hi,
    I love your blog! I am a TVB fan from Seattle, located in the U.S.
    Hope you continue to blog for a very long time! Looking forward to your posts! :)

    1. Oh yes, good luck on your law school applications!

  2. Hi! I figure we have quite similar TVB taste, haha :) It's cool that you're from Toronto, cuz I'm from Vancouver! Glad to know you're also a Canadian buddy~ I actually have great friends who are also studying in UT at the moment. Good luck with school!