Thursday, December 05, 2013

Overview - Coffee Cat Mama

After the death of his wife (Miki Yeung), Bosco Wong had to take on both parental roles in raising his son. To make a living, he frequently changes jobs. Under recommendation from roommates Koo Ming Wah and Vincent Wong, he finds a job at a coffee shop. This is where he meets the three store owners who have a complicated relationship between them. Michelle Yim is the biological mother of Eliza Sam. Her late husband left the coffee shop to be run jointly by her and his second wife Nancy Wu. But Michelle wants to have a say in everything and secretly bribes Bosco to spy on the others. At the same time, she trains him to become a barista. Eliza initially dislikes Bosco, but starts to develop good feelings towards him after witnessing how hard he works for his son. She even offers to take care of his son. Michelle vigorously opposes their budding relationship, fearing that it would end her hopes of seeing Eliza become a doctor. Nancy also does not want Eliza to follow in her footsteps. Michelle and Nancy join forces to ruin Bosco and Eliza’s relationship…

Comment: Not interested in this series... Something's wrong when Eliza is leading over Nancy.


  1. Yes. Feel bad for Nancy Wu ... even though I like Eliza Sam too but she is still not ready to lead.

  2. I feel bad for Nancy to be lead over by Eliza. Thankfully this series is just airing as a filler during the holidays.

    Sorry to Michelle, Bosco, Nancy, May, Vincent. Love them all but the storyline is lame and Eliza leading over Nancy is no no so I won't watch.

    TVB series are bad this year.

  3. With the low rating holiday season and Eliza as the lead, the ratings won't be high