Wednesday, December 25, 2013

2013 Babies


In this special Christmas post, let's see what bundles of joy have arrived this year:

Timmy Hung and Janet Chow's son TJ (January 28)

Chin Ka Lok and Angela Tong's daughter Alyssa (March 10)

Max Cheng and Ada Choi's second daughter Chloe (March 25)

Raymond Wong's second son Ransley (April 8)

Gallen Lo's daughter Sela (April 18)

Karena Lam's second daughter Sofie (May 11)

Daniel Wu and Lisa S.'s daughter Raven (May 30)

Jordan Chan and Cherie Ying's son Jasper (July 1)

Fiona Yuen's daughter Alycia (August 15)

Kenneth Fok and Guo Jingjing's son Lawrence (August 27)

Mandy Cho's son Marco (September 27)

Moses Chan and Aimee Chan's son Aiden (December 4)

And of course, the most famous 2013 baby... Prince George (July 22)!

Congratulations for all these proud new mothers and fathers!


  1. awww the babies are so cute!! :) i have a feeling Timmy Hung and Chin Kar Lok's children will become childhood friends and grow up together!

  2. Hopefully Tavia Yeung and Him Law will appear in your 2014 babies post!