Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Vivian Lai Songs

Vivian Lai (黎瑞恩) was a popular singer back in the 1990s. She retired from the entertainment circle in 2002, but recently came out of retirement to hold a charity concert. It was great listening to all her old songs again as it brought back many childhood memories for me.

Here are some of Vivian's greatest hits:

Everyone Has a Dream (一人有一個夢想):

Swear (發誓)

Sunshine Road (陽光路上)

Days on the Cloud (雲上的日子)

緣份到了盡頭 已不再願承認發過的誓
Once fate ends, no longer wish to acknowledge previous vows.

Is this true?

Actually I would be happy to abide by my previous promises.

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  1. awww 一人有一個夢想 was my childhood! me and my cousin sang this song all the time!! but back then i didn't know who was the singer and don't know any other songs by her, but it's cool that she is active again doing a charity concert!