Friday, January 24, 2014

Overview - A Time of Love


Cast: Kate Tsui, Chris Wang (Taiwan), James Wen (Taiwan)
Airing date: January 26

A car accident causes Kate Tsui to lose all her memories. She cannot even remember the people she once loved. The only thing she knows is that Chris Wang risked his life to save her in the accident, leaving him crippled and ending his auto racing career. Kate and Chris fall in love and live sweetly together. Kate believes that Chris is the right man and they prepare for their wedding. But then she encounters a Taiwanese man (James Wen) who claims that she is his girlfriend. He brings her to many places to try to revive her memory. Kate has a strange but familiar feeling at these places. Could he have been her boyfriend before the accident?


Cast: Charmaine Sheh, Kenneth Ma
Airing date: February 2

Charmaine Sheh, a senior executive at a creative agency, receives a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend. Using her position as a superior, she coerces her subordinate, Kenneth Ma, to accompany her to the wedding. A series of crazy coincidences along the way leads Kenneth to believe that Charmaine is bringing dangerous substances to the wedding and they end up at the police station. This is where Kenneth sees a weaker side to the normally strong-willed Charmaine. By the time they leave the police station, the wedding is over, but Charmaine still insists on going to see her ex-boyfriend. Kenneth has no choice but to follow along.


Cast: Linda Chung, Yeon Jung Hoon (Korea)
Airing date: February 9

The illustrator Yeon Jung Hoon teaches Korean to foreigners as a part-time job. Linda Chung, from Hong Kong, hires him as a teacher, as she is preparing to move to Korea with her boyfriend. Yeon is initially disgusted with Linda’s spoiled attitude, but continues on with the lessons for the sake of making a living. As they interact more frequently, he discovers her adorable side and his impression of her slowly changes. At the same time, Yeon learns about a secret between Linda and her boyfriend.


Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Aaron Yan (Taiwan), Naomi Watanabe (Japan), Ben Wong
Airing date: February 16

Aaron Yan, from Taiwan, travels to Japan in search of the heiress (Naomi Watanabe) of a famous Japanese restaurant and her secret formula. When he finds her, he is surprised to find that she is actually an obese and unattractive woman. It turns out that in accordance to family tradition, Naomi must marry before the age of 30, otherwise the restaurant will fall into the hands of her uncle! To retain the rights to the restaurant, Aaron and Naomi agree to fake a marriage until she turns 30.

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