Saturday, December 13, 2014

Awards Analysis Bonus!

Here's a bonus post to the Awards Analysis series!

Broadcast Time Slot
Last time, we looked at the relation between the broadcast date and award chances, but what about the broadcast time slot?
  • It turns out that 9:30 shows have dominated the awards ceremony, winning 80% of awards since 2007. Note: Only data from 2007 onward was included because TVB ran a different schedule before then.
  • The 8:30 slot may not receive as many awards, however, they have produced the last four Best Actress winners (Sheren Tang, Myolie Wu, Tavia Yeung and Kristal Tin).

Anniversary Series
The anniversary series tend to be the most heavily promoted series of the year. Does it bolster the chances of winning an award?
  • Overall, 11 of 80 (14%) awards have been given to roles from an anniversary series. (To put things in perspective, remember that TVB airs an average of 20+ series each year and generally only two (~10%) are labelled as anniversary series.)
  • Best Actor/Actress contenders receive the greatest boost from an anniversary series. Of the 34 BA awards in history, seven (21%) have come from roles in an anniversary series. 
  • Best Supporting contenders are at the average, with 3 out of 22 (14%) winners coming from an anniversary series.
  • On the other hand, the Best Series award has never been presented to an anniversary series.
  • Characters from anniversary series don't get much love either. Only 1 out of 16 (6%) Favourite Character winners has come from an anniversary series (Tavia Yeung in Beyond the Realm of Conscience).

Episode Count
Do longer series give the audience more time to appreciate one's acting?
  • The average number of episodes for an award-winning series is 31.4 episodes. The number is slightly lower at 30.4 episodes if we remove the effect of multiple awards for a series.
  • The longest award-winning series is the 100-episode sitcom War of the Genders, which got Best Actress for Dodo Cheng. 
  • The shortest is the 10-episode mini-series The Threat of Love II. It won the Powerhouse (Best Supporting) Actress for Sheren Tang.
  • The Best Actor/Actress award has the highest average episode count at 34.4 episodes. Meanwhile, the Best Supporting award requires the lowest episode count with an average of 27.4 episodes. 


  1. What about doing one for modern ancient or pre modern dramas? And something like... If the number of series u get helps. Like with myolie 2011, she had ghetto justice and curse of the royal harem. Which ups her chances. But then Charmaine got by this yr with two awards and one series. I'm really loving ur blog btw.

    1. Good suggestions, will keep those in mind :)