Friday, December 05, 2014

Awards Analysis: By Producer

This is the first of a three part series that will analyze TVB Anniversary Awards results based on different variables.

Who is the winningest producer in TVB history?
  • Lau Ka Ho is the top producer with a total of 14 awards deriving from his dramas. The majority (12) of those awards come from the Heart of Greed and Moonlight Resonance series. In 2008, his dramas completely swept the podium, taking home all the major awards. 
  • Lee Tim Sing comes in second with 10 awards. Most (9) of those awards are from the Rosy Business/No Regrets franchise. He is the leading active producer at TVB.
  • Chong Wai Kin, and Poon Kai Tak have the most number of series that have won awards, with five each. 
  • Lau Ka Ho has the most number of unique award winners, with 9 actors owing their awards to his series.
  • Chong Wai Kin, Jonathan Chik, Lau Ka Ho and Lee Tim Sing have each produced four Best Actor/Actress winners.
  • Jonathan Chik, Lau Ka Ho and Lee Tim Sing have each produced three Best Supporting winners.
  • Lau Ka Ho leads the way for Favourite Character awards with five.
  • Jonathan Chik and Lau Ka Ho are tied with two Best Series each.

The awards taken into consideration are Best Series, Best Actor/Actress, Best Supporting and Most Favourite Character. The Most Favourite Character category only counts the award winners from 2006 onward and not the Top 12 My Favourite Character awards from 2000-2004. The Best Supporting category includes its predecessor, the Powerhouse Actor/Actress award, presented in 2003-2004.


  1. woww this is impressive! i'm a nerd and i love statistics and data hahah so i really like this post! it must have taken a long time to compile it all together! looking forward to the next two posts!

    how does Joe Chan and Sharon Au have like 1/3 awards? hahah

    1. btw, the chart says Kwan Wing Chung also has 2 Best Series awards which ties with Jonathan Chik and Lau Ka Ho

    2. It was a mistake for Kwan Wing Chung. His two awards are actually 1 Best Series (War of In-Laws) and 1 Best Actress (Liza Wang). It has been fixed now.

      Joe Chan and Sharon Au co-produced Triumph in the Skies II, so I counted 0.5 awards for each award that it got.

  2. Yes, great post indeed!  Thanks for taking the time to do this – the chart looks awesome!! :-) 

    Not surprised to see Lau Ka Ho is the “winningest” (LOL) producer – even back in the late 80s/early 90s (in the “pre-awards” days), LKH was already the “top” producer with all the big productions and anniversary series.  To be honest though, I actually prefer LKH’s earlier series than the later ones – I didn’t like too many of his post-2000 era series.  In terms of awards – well, not much comment there, since the awards weren’t in existence during the days when he was at the height of his career, which, in my opinion, is when he made some of his best, most memorable series. 

    Lee Tim Sing being at the top is also expected as well, though for me, his situation is kind of opposite of LKH’s in that most of his best series were in the post 2000 era (purely my opinion). 

    Too bad the awards only started in the late 90s, since most of the producers on the list made their best series prior to that time (plus the ones that had already left TVB prior to that time)…it kind of skews the stats…

    By the way – does the Best Supporting Actor/Actress category count the early years when that award was under a different name?  I’m assuming it does but just thought I’d ask…

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. I had actually left out the "Powerhouse Actor/Actress", but it is now added back on. The only thing it really changes is that Jonathan Chik joins the tie for first place in Best Supporting winners.

      I don't tend to like Lau Ka Ho's series (haven't watched his earlier productions). I never really understood the success of HOG and MR. On the other hand, Lee Tim Sing's series are usually really great. I think there were some years where he could have gotten more awards, plus all those wuxia series he had was before the awards-era.

    2. No problem! I actually didn't even notice that it wasn't included...just happened to be :-)

      I'm with you on not really understanding the success of HOG and MR -- to me, both series were dragged out too much with overkill on the shouting and crying...after like the 5th shouting match between all the family members, I already had such a headache I could barely continue...

      Some of LKH's earlier series include the 5 episode special production Behind the Silk Curtains from 1988, And Yet We Live from 1988, Justice of Life from 1989, The Final Combat from 1989...and pretty much any series that had Alex Man in it (ok, that's exaggerating, but Alex WAS Lau Ka Ho's actor of choice, as he collaborated with him the most times, especially on each year's anniversary series back in the late 80s/early 90s).

      I like quite a few of Lee Tim Sing's series as well and no doubt he is an absolutely great storyteller (which is one reason why most of his series are so captivating), but unfortunately, I wasn't a fan of majority of the wuxia remakes he did in the 90s (I guess that's the bias in me talking, since I grew up in the 80s era with TVB's "golden" wuxia series period, so to me, the 80s versions will always be the best ones).

  3. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Love reading these♡♡♡