Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Overview - Officer Geomancer

Johnson Lee is not your ordinary police constable. He is an expert in geomancy, which he uses at critical moments to solve mysterious cases. He also has Oscar Leung, who is connected with people conducting both legal and illegal activities, as his informant. His outlandish character often leaves his superior, Joey Meng, astonished. Joey is a criminal psychologist who uses rationale to analyze everything. They appear to be polar opposites, yet through working together, they develop an unspoken mutual understanding. Outside of work, Joey only cares about the marriages of her younger siblings, Harriet Yeung and Fred Cheng. When Harriet becomes involved in a love triangle with Oscar and Joey's subordinate, Rebecca Zhu, Joey loses control of her emotions. Luckily, Johnson is there to help her. At this time, a series of missing persons cases occur. The culprit's modus operendi evokes Johnson's memories of the past, which he has been hiding for many years. Joey is about to put her life at risk and Johnson foresees...

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