Sunday, December 14, 2014

TVB Raspberry Awards

The Golden Raspberry Awards are presented annually to the worst of Hollywood. So why not hand out some “Razzies” to TVB’s biggest flops?

Most Unnecessary Character: Edwin Siu (Overachievers) – Completely irrelevant to the main plot and took up an annoying amount of screen-time.

Most Annoying Song: “More Difficult, More Love” (Line Walker) – Flat singing by Jinny Ng and mercilessly looped in every episode.

Most "Ugh" Moment: Opening ending for Storm in a Cocoon – Is it too much to ask for to have a happy ending for Stevia?

Most Over-hyped Series: Come On, Cousin – The success of the first series didn't translate into success for the sequel. A random mash-up of nothingness that did not deserve to be the anniversary series.

Least Improved: Ron Ng (Ruse of Engagement & Black Heart White Soul) – Almost ten years since The Academy and he is still the same hot-headed cop with the same angry expression.

Worst Debut: Gloria Tang (The Ultimate Addiction) – Recited all her lines in the same emotionless way.

Worst Supporting Actress: Sharon Chan (The Ultimate Addiction & Line Walker) – Two times as a madam, two times the horror.

Worst Supporting Actor: Oscar Leung (Line Walker) – Went way overboard with the gangster style.

And finally, the biggest awards of the night... Drumroll, please...

Worst Actor: Wong Cho Lam (Come On, Cousin) – Exaggerated acting with unnecessary accent; overall lame attempt at humour.

Worst Actress: Linda Chung (All That Is Bitter Is Sweet) – Slow reactions and fake expressions; she never fitted in with the rest of the drama.


  1. pretty much spot on for every award! i particulary agree with most unnecessary character, most "ugh" moment, and worst debut. those three really annoyed the heck out of me!

  2. Agree with everything except for most annoying song .. i actually like the song a lot.

  3. While Jinny's song was actually quite nice, its constant repeat makes it deserving of the most annoying song LOL.

  4. I liked Jinny's song :) I also didn't mind Oscar's acting. Agree with everything else!

  5. I agree with everything but Oscar. I think his character was meant to go overboard with the "gangster attitude" so it fit in. :) I was really hoping Linda would improve in the drama. :(

  6. Love this! Funny, was actually thinking of doing a Raspberry Awards too, but didn't watch many series this year, then was reading through your blog and saw this. :) Agree with most of these, especially Come On Cousin and Wong Cho Lam. Ugh, such a waste, especially since I watched the original for the first time a while earlier and unexpectedly loved it.