Monday, July 09, 2012

All-Time Favourite TVB Series

A Step into the PastThis was the drama that got me interested in Chinese history. I loved Louis Koo for his witty remarks and how he used his modern knowledge in the ancient era. Also, Raymond Lam was very good as Qin Shi Huangdi in his first major role. I could feel the power and authority coming from him as he developed into the cruel ruler of China. I’ve always wanted TVB to make a sequel and I got my wish with Three Kingdoms RPG!

War and BeautyThis series set the tone for all palace scheme dramas and nothing has been really comparable. The story is fast-paced (so much packed into 30 episodes!), there’s all sorts of evil schemes and everything was so unpredictable. From the first episode, I couldn’t stop watching. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, eager to see how the plots will turn out and how Sheren Tang’s Yue Fei always had the upper hand. A classic and a must watch!

Rosy BusinessChronicling the struggles of a poor peasant and a woman propelled to the leadership of the family business, this series is different from other family feud dramas. Exciting plot, quick pace. Every episode had its own climax. Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang lead a group of more-than-able actors. Great acting by the whole cast. I admire Wayne and Sheren’s relationship – mutual trust, mutual care, mutual understanding. Awesome through and through again!

Catch Me Now – A refreshing series that turned the tables. It was from the perspective of a group of thieves who steal from the rich and aid the poor. Damien Lau plays the leader of the thieves and he engages in a battle of wits with policeman Joe Ma. It was a brilliant showdown right to the final minute.

The Conqueror’s Story
– A great telling of the legendary Chor-Han Battle. Adam Cheng’s portrayal of the carefree Lau Bong kept the drama light-hearted. Kwong Wa is always terrific as historic heroes; this time as Hong Yu was no different. The short intros at the beginning of each episode taught me a lot about that time period.

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