Saturday, August 17, 2013

StarHub TVB Awards 2013

StarHub's annual TVB awards are back! Voting ends on September 25. Support your favourite artists here. These are my picks:

Favourite Actress

Kate Tsui. She has a sexy appeal.

Runner-up: Nancy Wu or Mandy Wong. Both are great actresses who should be promoted more.
Least Favourite: Fala Chen.
Notable Omissions: Sharon Chan was on last year’s list. I think Elena Kong deserves a mention.

Favourite Actor

Julian Cheung. So handsome! I wish he was in more dramas.

Runner-up: Ruco Chan. Because I met him. Twice :D
Least Favourite: Raymond Wong. Have never been fond of him. 
Notable Omissions: Michael Tse got kicked out from last year’s list, probably because he didn't renew his contract.

Favourite Female Character

Chan Ka Pik (Kate Tsui) was a very complex character and was well-played by Kate.

Runner-up: Summer Ha (Myolie Wu). She seems like a cold character, but is actually just very shy.
Least Favourite: Hmm… I’ll go with Ivana even though I watched very little of Inbound Troubles. Tries too hard to be cute.
Notable Omissions: Christine Ng’s character instead of Sheren’s Yue Fei?

Favourite Male Character

<3 Jayden! How can anyone resist the charming Captain Cool?

Runner-up: Captain Samuel Tong (Francis Ng)
Least Favourite: Cheung Po Tsai (Raymond Wong). Funky hair says it all.
Notable Omissions: Isaac Tong (Ron Ng) is quite likeable too.

Favourite On-Screen Couple

Ron & Myolie is cute to watch in TITS2.

Runner-up: Bosco & Niki were very comfortable with each other.
Least Favourite: Kenneth & Tavia just didn’t click in Three Kingdoms RPG.
Notable Omissions: I thought Ruco Chan & Selena Li had great chemistry in Slow Boat Home.

Favourite Drama

Tiger Cubs. My one and (so far) only 5/5 review.

Runner-up: The Confidant. I love historical dramas.
Least Favourite: Silver Spoon, Sterling Shackles. Yawn.
Notable Omissions: Highs and Lows had pretty high viewership.

Favourite Theme Song

Three Kingdoms RPG. Sung by Raymond Lam, enough said.

Runner-up: The Last Steep Ascent. Hubert has a knack for singing these soft melodies.
Least Favourite: Funny they didn’t put TITS2 theme song because that’s hands-down the worst. From the list, Seasons of Love due to Mag butchering the English verse. 
Notable Omissions: “Final Blessing” by Bosco Wong (A Change of Heart)

Favourite Variety Show Categories
Like last year, no pick since I didn’t watch most of variety shows.

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  1. When I saw Christine Ng added for Beauty at War instead of Sheren or Ada, I knew that it must mean that TVB had a big hand in deciding these nominations. haha

    1. Yeah, that one was such an odd one because Christine wasn't the main character, nor was she even particularly likeable in that series.