Friday, August 23, 2013

Overview - Sniper Standoff

Michael Tse, a sniper, left the Special Duties Unit (SDU) over a particular incident, which strained his relationship to colleague and good friend Eddie Cheung.  Michael switched to selling yachts and also became the president of the gun club, but beneath the surface, he had dealings with the triads. Taking advantage of his connections to CIB Inspector Kate Tsui and SDU member Eliza Sam, his girlfriend, Michael is able to obtain knowledge of police operations against the triads. All the while, Eddie is in the dark about Michael’s activities until a string of homicide cases stir up his suspicions. Later, Michael deliberately gets close to Eddie’s girlfriend, Kathy Chow, and leads her to find out that Eddie has been the sniper who caused her to get shot in the head many years ago. The revelation sets the stage for a showdown between the two formerly sworn-brothers...


  1. seems like laughing?

  2. Sniper Standoff is the best of the year to me..... not skies II

    Michael Tse ... Best Actor

  3. Sheung-koon Ming-Chu left the SDU as SDU Sniper because of an argument