Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Seasons of Love" Theme Song

The theme song for Seasons of Love is "Little Something" by Mag Lam.

I'm not a fan of Mag, but I have to admit this song sounds very nice.

The song used for the spring season (Him Law & Toby Leung) is "Onion" (洋蔥) by Taiwanese singer, Aska Yang.

Original MV:

The song sung by Myolie Wu in the winter season is "I'd Love You to Want Me", originally by American singer Lobo.

Original song:

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  1. Is she a newbie actress at TVB?

    I really like this song too. Waiting for Nancy/Oscar/Vincent story. :)

    1. She was the winner of The Voice (Season 2).

  2. I love Mag Lam's voice. Very fluence in English! I also like in 'Dropping by Cloud Nine," in the first eps.