Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Silver Spoon Sterling Shackles" Character Map

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Damien Lau: The first Chinese barrister in Hong Kong. Intelligent, righteous, stubborn.

Mary Hon (1st wife): Largely neglected by her husband. Dies from a stroke.

Idy Chan (2nd wife): Esteemed social status as former Qing-dynasty princess. Most favoured by Damien.

Elena Kong (3rd wife): Daughter of a banker. Is easily jealous, leading to her divorce with Damien.

Tavia Yeung (4th wife): Was initially a maid, later becomes famous Peking opera singer.

JJ Jia (girlfriend): Nightclub dancer. Exchanges love for money. Damien uses her to anger Tavia.

Kenneth Ma (son): Barrister with reformist views that disagree with his father's opinions.

Vincent Wong (illegitimate son): Casual and loves to have fun. Falls out with Damien.

Sire Ma (daughter, wife of Adrian): Naive and simple. Love comes before anything.

Rebecca Zhu (wife of Kenneth): An orphan. Childhood lovers with Ron, but believing he had died, she marries Kenneth.

Ron Ng (mutual admiration with Rebecca): An orphan and gangster. After losing Rebecca, he enters in the Chung family to plot revenge.

Adrian Chau (good friend of Ron): Also an orphan. An upstanding character who becomes a police officer. His romance with Sire meets many barriers.

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