Sunday, August 12, 2012

Theme Song for King Maker

The theme song for King Maker is "追夢者" (Dream Chaser), sung by Leo Ku.

I'm glad they chose Leo to sing the theme song over a TVB artist. His powerful delivery is absolutely befitting of the mood of the series. The last time Leo sang a theme song for a Wayne Lai series (No Regrets), it turned out pretty good.

30 second preview:

Full version


  1. I really like Leo Ku's voice (very strong)...but I dunno, I personally didn't liked the beginning of the song (Dream Chaser) that much ^^;;; Not a big fan of it...wish they chose a diff. song since I really like his voice. What do you think of the song miriamfanz?

    1. After listening to the full version, I'm less enthusiastic about it. I don't like the beginning as well, but I still like the chorus.

      On the bright side, the scenes look very exciting from the theme video!

    2. Yah...actually after listening to it a few times...i'm liking it more now.

      Agree, I'm starting on ep1 and 2 right now, hopefully it'll be good!

  2. Hmm..I can't hear the song but yes Leo is a good choice!!