Saturday, August 04, 2012

Common TVB Pairings

 1.       Michael Tao & Kenix Kwok


The first on-screen couple that I can remember. Absolutely loved them in the Detective Investigative Files franchise. By their own estimates, they have filmed in 200 episodes together.

1994 – CATWALK俏佳人
1995-1997 – Detective Investigative Files I – III
2004 – Shine on You
2005 – Love Bond

2.       Joe Ma & Jessica Hsuan


Jessica has recently been named “Hostage Queen” for being held hostage 24 times in her filming career. Joe has probably saved her countless times. Joe said he enjoys working with Jessica because of her professionalism and punctuality.

1999 – 寵物情緣
2004 – Lady Fan
2004 – 一屋兩家三姓人
2007 – Drive of Life
2012 – Tiger Cubs

3.       Moses Chan & Charmaine Sheh


Being the big brother and sister of TVB, Moses and Charmaine certainly has amply opportunity to work together in big productions.  They are both favourites of producers Mui Siu Ching and Jonathan Chik. With Charmaine’s reputation as “姣佘”, it’s surprising there are no rumours about this pair.

2004 – War and Beauty
2005 – The Dance of Passion
2009 – Beyond the Realm of Conscience
2010 – Can’t Buy Me Love
2011 – When Heaven Burns
2012 – 4 In Love

4.       Steven Ma & Linda Chung

 Steven Ma and Linda Chung{4}

Steven is always paired with younger actresses to mentor them. His most frequent partner has got to be Linda. Despite a 10+ year age gap, they have surprisingly good chemistry. Of course, working together so many times doesn’t hurt. From Linda’s first series, Virtues of Harmony II, to Steven’s last series at TVB, Daddy Good Deeds, this pair has been together five times.

2004 – Virtues of Harmony II
2007 – A Journey Called Life
2009 – A Watchdog’s Tale
2009 – Ghost Writer
2012 – Daddy Good Deeds

5.       Ron Ng & Kate Tsui


Best-friends on and off the screen. Their close interactions reportedly made Ron’s (now-ex) girlfriend Viann Zhang unhappy. To me, it seems they are like good “brothers” instead of lovers.

2005 – On The First Beat
2007 – Brink of Law
2011 - 你們我們他們
2011 – Wax and Wane
2011 – Forensic Heroes III

6.       Him Law & Mandy Wong


These two seem to be TVB’s next golden couple. I personally don’t like Him too much because of his off-screen scandals, but I find Mandy to be quite an actress. Both are being heavily promoted and have collaborated many times, though not all of them as a couple.

2010 – Suspects in Love
2012 – L’Escargot
2012 – The Hippocratic Crush
2012 – Tiger Cubs
Upcoming – A Chip Off the Old Block II


  1. I believe Charmaine and Moses also filmed perish in the name of love (2003) together. Kate and Ron are so hot together

    1. You're right. lol in that drama, they were father-daughter instead of lovers.

    2. Then for 6.Him Law & Mandy Wong
      2012 - L’Escargot (Him with yoyo, mandy with oscar)
      2012 – The Hippocratic Crush not couple as well la