Sunday, August 05, 2012

StarHub TVB Awards 2012

Voting ends Aug 11, 2012. Cast your vote now! These are my picks:

Favourite Theme Song

No contest here. Definitely Joey Yung’s “Serial Drama” for The Hippocratic Crush.

Runner-up: When Heaven Burns subtheme “Ignorant Youth”
Worst: Ghetto Justice. Not my style.

Favourite On-screen Couple

I’ll take Kevin and Myolie in Ghetto Justice. I like their bickering.

Runner-up: Bosco and Kate in Lives of Omission for their passionate intimacy.
Worst: Raymond and Charmaine in My Sister of Eternal Flower. Urgh.

Favourite Male Character

Close one. I’ll choose Law Ba from Ghetto Justice. His sloppy attitude makes him all the more charming.

Runner-up: Laughing Gor. So cool and so chok on his motorcycle.
Worst: The Emperor (Sunny Chan). Is there anyone more useless? How can he be a King?!?!

Favourite Female Character

Kris Wong. She is tough and cool and smart.

Runner-up: Kate’s role (Paris) in Lives of Omission. Also one tough gal.
Worst: Chung Mo Yim. Annoying as hell.

Favourite Actor

Wayne Lai. Most of his series are good, and the ones that aren’t is not because of his acting.

Runner-up: Not sure. They’re all okay to me.
Worst: See above.

Favourite Actress

Myolie Wu. (Hey StarHub, it’s spelt with a “y”.) She’s had some great roles lately, like Empress in COTRH and Kris in GJ

Runner-up: Maybe Kate? Though more for her roles than acting.
Worst: Fala Chen. Everything she’s in slow and boring. And she’s going into singing too?

Favourite Drama

Ghetto Justice. Law Ba is just too great.

Runner-up: The Other Truth. I love legal series and this one gives a different perspective than other legal dramas.
Worst: Queens of Hearts and Diamonds. Failed comedy.

Favourite Variety Show Categories

No selection because I didn't watch most of them and the ones I did watch were quite terrible.


  1. I like Bottled Passion as fav drama
    Tung bun sin + Tsui sum as fav couple
    Tung bun sin + Tsui sum as fav characters
    Raymond Wong + Niki as fav actor/actress
    Hippocratic Crush themesong as fav themesong (also like Bottled Passion themesong but not nominated how come?)

  2. The best series is THC hands down. MM should be a serious contender for TV King this year. He's my favorite actor & I like TY with him. I choose TOT & FH3 as well. Raymond Wong & Ruco was a pleasure to watch in TOT. My least favorite is LOO. IMO, Laughing Gor is overated.