Saturday, June 07, 2014

Never Dance Alone Review

Producer: Eric Tsang, Joe Chan
Genre: Modern
Cast: Carman Lee, Rachel Lee, Gloria Yip, Angie Cheong, Fennie Yuen, Elvina Kong, Flora Chan

Put seven women together and I had expected a cat fight. Luckily, Never Dance Alone chooses a different path. It turned out to be an entertaining and heartfelt series.

For older viewers, it was a nice trip down memory lane. Watching this series with my parents, they couldn't help but share memories from their school days. Alan Tam's songs were artfully used to enhance the feeling of nostalgia. But viewers of all ages will find that they can resonate with the messages about friendship and dreams. The series was thoughtful in its examination of friendship and inspiring in its message to pursue your dreams.

The story occurs in the past and present. I like the interconnections between the two time frames, with the two generations doing some of the exact same things. The casting of the young actresses was done well. They all bare resemblance to their older versions. Their acting is better than most newbies and they exhibited a youthful energy. They were given ample screen-time, which unfortunately meant less time for the veterans.

Carman Lee was phenomenal. Never have I been so entranced by a performance. It's hard to look away from her whenever she is on-screen. Her every expression, every movement, every line delivered was perfect. Her chemistry with her on-screen husband, Lawrence Cheng, was impeccable. Not to mention her stunning beauty regardless of whatever her real age might be.

Flora Chan turned in an excellent performance as well. She carried herself with the arrogant manner of her character. Yet at the same time, she was able to make her character one that the audience would sympathize instead of hate. And her dancing was spectacular.

The other actresses also left memorable impressions with their characters. Each of them fully embodied their characters and acted in their roles without restraint. The bond between the ladies feels genuine and deep, as if they really have known each other for 20 years. I have not seen most of these actresses before and I am truly wowed by their talent.

The series is rounded off with good performances from the supporting cast. Lawrence Ng shows off his comedic side, a big difference from his normally professional image. Lawrence Cheng plays in his typical loving husband role, but as I said, his chemistry with Carman was remarkable. Miu Kan Fung was superb as the mean mother-in-law. Special mention to the maid Daisy who was seriously hilarious. Even Eliza Sam has improved to the point that her acting and accent doesn't bother me here. It was great to see the guest stars too, including Eric Tsang himself!

Rating: 5/5. A rare gem.


  1. i didn't watch this series yet, but skipped to the bottom to see your rating and wow, didn't expect a 5/5! i was a little skeptical about this and wanted to wait for it to finish first before starting. but from the looks of it, it seems like a good series! i'm gonna give it a try!

    1. Give it a try and let me know how you feel afterwards :) I went in expecting some lame cat fights, but ended up loving it. The acting of the veteran actresses itself is enough to keep you watching.

  2. Yes, give it a try. I skipped all the trailers & preview previously as I thought that it was a si lai targeted drama. I end up watching only because there is no other TVB drama airing at the same time. It tapped on our collective memories very well. Truly, quoting miriamfanz, "A rare gem."

  3. Hahahas! Yes! The maid!!!