Thursday, October 17, 2013

TVB Sales Presentation 2014

Read the synopsis for each series!

The Returnees Category

Bounty Lady - Dayo Wong must have agreed to film for TVB only on the condition that he gets to kiss all the ladies in the series. Set to air in December 2013.

M Club - Another lucky man. Lawrence Ng gets to pick whichever of the 7 former TVB actresses he wants.

Apostle Walker - Charmaine Sheh is back and Raymond Lam takes enough time away from his BB to film this series. Raymond will be an undercover cop. There will be conflict between the police and ICAC, featuring Michael Miu, Sammy Leung and Sharon Chan.

Property Protector - The return of Steven Ma, reunited with familiar partner Tavia Yeung. The story revolves around a family silk business.

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The Just-for-Laughs Category

Vinegar Lady - Him Law and Ron Ng fight over Myolie Wu. Then who does Eliza Sam get?

Mr & Mrs Bean - Eliza gets Bosco Wong of course!

Inbound Troubles II - Roger Kwok and Joey Meng have both expressed that their roles are very surprising.

The Overcoming Challenges Category

Big Pharmacy - The pharmaceutical factory owned by Linda Chung's family closes down. Now Linda must support her family, fight against epidemics AND deal with a love rectangle.

Walk With You - Myolie Wu is a blind girl, who receives unconditional support from boyfriend Moses Chan.

The Wayne Lai Category

Eunuch Five Tigers - Spin-off from The Confidant. The story takes place after the fall of the Qing Dynasty.

Water Hair and Powder - Joyce Koi is an opera singer who performs as a male character. She is at a lost about how to love in her daily life, leading to problems in her relationship with Wayne.

Business Battle - Wayne Lai, Ron Ng, Kenny Wong, Johnson Lee

The Incompetent Law Enforcement Category

Tiger Cubs II - More guns, more masculinity and more explosions that never kill anybody.

Good Bad Person - Roger Kwok is a lawyer, Ron Ng is a police officer. Can you tell who's good and who's bad?

Sky Eye - Watch out for that gun in Tavia's hand! She collaborates with Ruco Chan, who plays a computer programmer. The drama also includes TVB's newest star, Fred Cheng.

Battle Again Tomorrow - Lawrence Ng and Kate Tsui are correctional officers that develop a May-December relationship. KK Cheung and Joyce Tang will have a relationship line as well.


  1. wow, really like the way your categorized all the series! especially love the title "The Incompetent Law Enforcement Category" LOL and the special mention to Fred! yayy! super happy for him hehehe

    i'm actually pretty excited for the series, the only exceptions to be honest are the Wayne Lai series hahah i'm a little tired of seeing him =P

    1. LOL I feel like TVB series always makes the police look terrible and stupid. I'm not really excited for any of these dramas yet, maybe when I see more from the clips. The most intriguing one to me seems like Apostle Walker, since it's supposed to be something like Infernal Affairs. Hope it will turn out well!

  2. Looking forward to:

    *Big Pharmacy
    *Mr and Mrs Bean
    *Vinegar Lady(to relax my brain muscles)
    *Apostle Walker (I have my reservations because it appears to be very recycled, but I like the cast, just hope the script and production won't disappoint... much)

  3. Whoa, I haven't heard of sky eye and battle again tomorrow. I like the pairings, very fresh xD

  4. Want to see Ruco and Charmaine in a series! :)

  5. I'm surprisingly interested in a few of these dramas, I get this slightly refreshing vibe from these storylines. Though maybe it was your wit and categorizing that made it more fun. ;)

  6. Sky Eye looks very interesting- Tavia playing a serial killer/assassinator is something very different :) Also loved her chemistry with Ruco in The Other Truth too! Hopefully this series will be filmed!!