Sunday, October 27, 2013

Guessing Game - Mixed Bag

Can you guess the dramas these pictures came from?
(Play the first guessing game here)


Answers are posted here.

Answers from previous game:


  1. Kate Tsui -- Season of Love
    Steven Ma -- A Journey Called Life
    Tavia Yeung -- forgot the name, but it's the one with Kevin Cheng and Natalie Tong
    Kenneth Ma -- Survivors Law II
    Wayne Lai -- Rosy Business
    Kevin Cheng -- Life Art
    Charmaine Sheh -- Always Ready
    Raymond Lam -- Face to Fate
    Selena Li --
    Ron Ng -- Drive of Life
    Linda Chung -- A Watchdog's Tale
    Nancy Wu -- D. I. E.

  2. First row
    1. Don Juan De Mercado 情人眼里高一D
    2. A Journey Called Life 金石良缘
    3. A Fistful of Stances 铁马寻桥
    4. Survivors Law II 律政新人王II

    Second row
    1. Rosy Business 巾帼枭雄
    2. Life Art 写意人生
    3. Always Ready 随时候命
    4. Face to Fate 布衣神相

    Third row
    1. The Four 少年四大名捕
    2. The Drive of Life 岁月风云
    3. A Watchdog's Tale 老友狗狗
    4. D.I.E. Again 古灵精探B

    1. Darn it! This is too easy. I need to think of something harder next time

    2. may i make a few suggestions? i think the hints make it easy to guess and maybe if you use pictures from the drama and not the character pictures that might make it a little harder? it's really easy to go to the drama site and compare the pictures i think. :) just something i noticed, but i'm really enjoying your guessing games!

    3. Thanks, will definitely consider that next time :)