Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Bobby Curse

Bobby Au-Yeung may be TVB's "Lucky General" in the ratings department, but his on-screen partners haven't been so fortunate. The "Bobby Curse" has taken quite a few casualties...

Hidden Treasures 
Victim: Eileen Yeow (7 day relationship)
Fate: Killed in car accident

Witness to Prosecution II
Victim: Jessica Hsuan & Mariane Chan (wives)
Fate: Both died in a fire

Forensic Heroes
Victim: Jay Lau (wife)
Fate: Died from poisoning

Father and Sons
Victim: Edith Wong (ex-wife)
Fate: Died in accident

A Pillow Case of Mystery II
Victim: Kenix Kwok & Annie Man (wives), and their three children
Fate: Killed in ship explosion

Always and Ever
Victim: Esther Kwan (fiancée)
Fate: Dies at the hands of Bobby three times

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