Tuesday, December 04, 2012

ANNOUNCING..... Casual TVB Awards 2012

Vote on 10 categories that you wouldn't be able to vote for at TVB!! (Voting Page)

Favourite Couple

Most Surprising Success

Favourite Portrayal of Historical Character

Most Improved Cantonese

Worst Ending

Best Villain

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Funniest Villain
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Best Comedy

Most Interesting Historical Context Post
1. The Confidant & Curse of the Royal Harem Connection
2. The Confidant Characters
3. The Empress Dowagers
4. Zhuge Liang, the Inventor
5. Zhuge Liang's Fiery Attacks
6. After Three Kingdoms RPG

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Polls close on Dec 31, 2012 at 11:59 pm.

1 comment:

  1. My own picks (not to influence anyone):

    Fav Couple: Myolie & Kevin - loved their intimacy at the beginning

    Theme Song: Hands down The Hippocratic Crush by Joey Yung. Second choice would be Highs and Lows by Raymond

    Most Surprising Success: Really liking Pang Sam Shun in The Confidant right now, but I'd say Fan Gun is the most surprising. Never would have noticed the guy otherwise.

    Historical Character Portrayal: Urgh, Zhuge Liang was so bad... I think I like Zhou Yu the best. Li Lianying and Wu Zetian are also good.

    Most Improved Canto: Seriously, I have no idea... Thank goodness for subtitles

    Worst Ending: I vote Three Kingdoms since it turned comedy into tragedy.

    Best Villain: Ben Wong gets my vote. Stupid TVB for not even nominating him! I liked Wayne in Greatness of a Hero too and Kenneth Ma was pretty good as King of Thieves

    Best Comedy: I guess NGEW (out of 3 that I watched)

    Most Interesting Historical Context: I find the Confidant/COTRH Connection most interesting. Putting TVB faces to historical characters makes history easier to understand.