Sunday, October 11, 2020

Overview - Line Walker: Bull Fight

Raymond Lam continues to carry out missions for the Central Intelligence Bureau (CIB) to combat different criminals. Meanwhile, Michael Miu has completed his three-year sentence for shooting criminal syndicate boss Chung King-fei. He opens a café and lives peacefully with his wife Elena Kong, but faces the danger of retaliation from the triads. Meanwhile, CIB Chief Inspector Mandy Wong and Michael's former undercover agent, Priscilla Wong, suspect that Michael has intentions of joining the triads. They secretly investigate Michael's relationship with triad members.

Raymond and Michael investigate a human trafficking case and solve the case with help from the Security Bureau's investigator Kenneth Ma. The Security Bureau invites Benjamin Yuen to join its new intelligence unit. Michael is drawn into the election of the new triad leader. A former partner runs in the election using a different identity. Michael re-encounters his old opponent Benz Hui, who had supposedly been shot by Raymond. He also discovers that Kenneth's real identity is the younger brother of his former enemy Moses Chan and that he is plotting revenge against everyone. Everyone joins together in the investigation and uncovers a massive dark organization. Suddenly, a storm approaches again...

Line Walker: Bull Fight is airing on myTV Gold, Tencent and Astro on October 12. It will air on Jade Channel on November 16. 

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