Sunday, December 02, 2018

Overview - The Learning Curve of a Warlord

Dicky Cheung is an unambitious, low-ranking corporal in the Warlord Era. Relying on his savvy mind and silver tongue, he made it through the last twenty years. One time, he saves Generalissimo Choi Kwok Hing and is promoted seven ranks, becoming the local tyrant of a town. Three warlords (Max Cheung, Eddie Pang and Koo Ming Wah) who had established their territory near the town are seething in anger and waiting for an opportunity to deal with him. Luckily, Dicky has three sworn brothers (Tony Hung, Tsui Wing and Oscar Li) who are united against the enemy. They even manage to coerce weapons expert Raymond Cho to join them, allowing them to establish their footing in the town. Dicky has three wives (Zoie Tam, Vivien Yeo and Sisley Choi) who are always competing for his favour. Sisley is a member of the Revolutionary Party. Although Dicky knows of her identity, he still keeps her by his side, which could stir up trouble at any time. The throbbing ambition of someone within the barracks, along with having the other warlords and the Japanese watching him like a hawk, puts Dicky in a desperate situation.

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