Sunday, October 28, 2018

Overview - OMG, Your Honour

Ben Wong and Eddie Kwan are both well-known barristers for handling criminal cases in Hong Kong. They have known each other for thirty years, as classmates and pupils under the same mentor, but have been feuding since the first day of law school. Ben suspects that Eddie played tricks to win their first case against each other, which caused their grudge to deepen. During a rough time in his romantic life, Ben met TV anchor Grace Wong. They had a shotgun wedding, but it only lasted a few months before they separated. By chance, Grace meets Eddie, whom she hits it off with. This causes the rivalry between Eddie and Ben to become even more muddled. Although they cannot get along, their pupils are good friends. But a lawyer's life is not as glamorous as it seems. Along with their mentors, six young lawyers - Louisa Mak, Oscar Leung, Jonathan Wong, Jackson Lai, Kirby Lam and King Lam - must work to defend the law, while stumbling along as they grow...

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