Sunday, April 02, 2017

Overview - My Dearly Sinful Mind

After his girlfriend died in a car crash, sorrowful psychologist Kenneth Ma spends five years investigating the truth of the incident. His girlfriend once conducted a psychological assessment for a schoolyard murderer (Wai Kai Hung). Her report indicated that he lacked a motive or violent tenancies. During the course of his investigation, Kenneth meets Matt Yeung, a genius with Asperger syndrome, and his sister (Sisley Choi), whom he is mutually dependent with. Matt's lack of social skills gives Sisley a lot of trouble. Many years ago, it even caused police officer Pierre Ngo's undercover mission to fail. But because of Kenneth, they eventually become friends and help Kenneth with finding the true killer. Grace Wong, a witness in the case who could not be contacted for many years, suddenly appears and visits Wai Kai Hung in prison, causing drastic changes in the case...

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