Friday, October 14, 2016

Overview - My Lover from the Planet Meow

Originally living on Planet Meow, Kristal Tin applies to return to Earth in human form, hoping to help physicist Moses Chan and Nancy Wu resolve their growing problems before it affects her young master Celine Yeung. Ten years ago, Kristal had been the family's pet cat and had established a deep relationship with them. Now she is looking for any way to remain on Earth and get close to them. Luckily, she meets Chinese chiropractor Mimi Chu, who takes her in. By chance, she joins Moses' scientific research company. With her knowledge of advanced technology from her home planet, Kristal immediately becomes a popular figure. Her cat-like instincts enable her to have supersonic hearing and be super agile. She discovers that senior executives Eddie Kwan and Vivien Yeo are plotting against Moses. She is eager to protect her master but unknowingly falls in love with him. It triggers the nerves that only women have in Nancy. At this time, her fellow inhabitants from Planet Meow suddenly appear and Kristal's secret is about to be exposed...

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