Sunday, April 03, 2016

Overview - Come Home Love: Dinner at 8

The television station that Wayne Lai works for is going through an eventful period. Management has brought in Florence Kwok to serve as general manager and implement major changes. The women's program that Wayne produces bears the brunt. On the first day of the show, there is an accident and Wayne has to improvise. He substitutes Teresa Mo, the newly transferred secretary from the accounting department, for the celebrity chef that didn't show up. The show becomes a big hit due to Teresa's eloquence and cooking skills. Wayne pressures Teresa to continue to host the show. Teresa agrees on the condition that her hair stylist friend (Angela Tong) does not get fired and that she has fixed working hours. It is because she has a younger uncle (Power Chan) and step-brother (Ricco Ng) at home, and preparing dinner on time is her natural duty. After her job description changed, this little woman uses all her secret weapons to deal with the demanding Wayne. In contrast, Wayne's career has reached a bottleneck and he is careful with every step. He is afraid that the assistant director (Veronica Shiu) that Florence sent him is a spy. But surprisingly, Veronica and Teresa hit it off immediately. They even intervene in Wayne and his father Chung King-fei's relationship, bringing unimaginable conflicts to Wayne and Teresa's families...

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