Monday, March 28, 2016

Overview - The Last Healer in Forbidden City

After the failures of the First Sino-Japanese War and the Hundred Days Reform, the Emperor Pierre Ngo is placed under house arrest by Empress Dowager Helena Law. Roger Kwok, a physician with exceptional medical skills, is summoned into the palace to treat the Empress Dowager's strange illness. When she recovers without medication, she is delighted and appoints Roger to the position of Imperial Physician. Although Roger knows that "accompanying the ruler is like accompanying a tiger", he reluctantly accepts. As Imperial Physician, Roger deftly cures strange diseases and solves cold cases. As a result of his long-term treatment of the Emperor and helping with the Emperor and consort Rebecca Zhu's romance, he gains the trust of the Emperor.

Although Roger is a famous physician, he is unable to help his disabled wife JJ Jia. Instead, he has to rely on Chinese chiropractor, Tavia Yeung, who inherited a massaging technique that can alleviate JJ's pain. Under Roger's recommendation, Tavia enters the palace to give massages to the Empress Dowager. In the process, Tavia and Roger not only establish a friendship, but even develop feelings for each other. However, due to JJ's presence, they keep their feelings in their hearts. It turns out that Tavia entered the palace with a secret mission linked to a plot that can shake the Qing Dynasty! In this late-Qing era, can Roger and Tavia fully retreat from the political storm that involves the Empress Dowager, the Emperor, his Consort and others?

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