Monday, February 15, 2016

Guessing Game #5

Who are these veterans in their younger days?

Answers from previous game:


  1. row 1 = mary hon, chu mimi, damian lau, adam cheng
    row 2 = bowie wu?, ?, liza wang, dun know her name
    row 3 = ?, ha yu, ?, ?

  2. Row 1: Mary Hon, Mimi Chu, Damian Lau, Wong Wai
    Row 2: Wu Fung, Nancy Sit, Liza Wang, Helen Ma
    Row 3: Louise Lee, Ha Yu, Suet Nei, Chow Chung

    I guessed on 3 of them based on the pictures. The rest I’ve actually seen before so those weren’t hard at all.

  3. Row 1: Mary Hon, Mimi Lo, Damian Lau, Adam Cheng
    Row 2: ?, ?, Liza Wang, Helen Ma
    Row 3: Louisa So, Ha Yu, ?, ?

    Damn, when I saw this, I was like, "this is easy." And it turns out, I don't know who 4 of them are. :o I hope this is because I don't know the stars themselves and not because I can't recognize them lol.

  4. I recognize the faces but I don't know their names. some of them I still see are on tv which is rather nice.

    nice test, have a lovely day.