Saturday, December 12, 2015

Predictions for TVB Awards 2015

Best Actor: Anthony Wong (Lord of Shanghai). I don't think anyone can argue that he wouldn't deserve the TV King title.
Winner: Anthony Wong

Best Actress: Kristal Tin & Nancy Wu (Ghost of Relativity). Could TVB really award dual TV Queens for the first time in history?
Winner: Nancy Wu

Favourite Male Character: Ruco Chan (Captain of Destiny). How do you not give an award to this handsome prince?
Winner: Ruco Chan

Favourite Female Character: Linda Chung (Limelight Years). She probably has the fan base to win this.
Winner: Kristal Tin

Best Supporting Actor: Joel Chan (Captain of Destiny). He seems to be a favourite?
Winner: Willie Wai

Best Supporting Actress: Natalie Tong (Raising the Bar). I honestly have no idea who might win this, so I'll just fill it in with my own choice. Natalie has been such a pleasure to watch in all of her roles in the past few years.
Winner: Elaine Yiu

Most Improved Actor: Tony Hung. According to the "Sandy Yu Rule", either Tony or Priscilla has to walk away with an award, right?
Winner: Tony Hung

Most Improved Actress: Grace Chan. Forget about Captain of Destiny. I think she did great in Raising the Bar.
Winner: Grace Chan

Best Series: Lord of Shanghai.
Winner: Lord of Shanghai

Best Classic Series: War of Genders. The fact that this series just finished airing in the late-night slot will probably give it an edge in the voting.
Winner: The Greed of Man

Best Theme Song: "Sail" by Fred Cheng (Captain of Destiny)
Winner: "Secret of Tears" by Jinny Ng (The Empress of China)

Best Host: Johnson Lee and Pal Sinn (Sze U Tonight)
Winner: Liza Wang, Adam Cheng, Jerry Lamb (Sunday Song Bird)

Best Variety Show and Special Programme: Sze U Tonight
Winner: Dodo Cheng

Best Informative Programme: Not Far But Away
Winner: Big Big World II

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  1. Agree about Anthony's deserving win! Ruco's just gotta wait for another year:(

    1. Agree Anthony deserved to win. There will be many more chances for Ruco!

  2. Hey! What do you think of the actual awards? Really liked your predictions and agree with you on pretty much all of them!

    1. I think BA, Fav Character and Best Series were all appropriately awarded. Glad to see Willie & Elaine win BSA. The only award I fundamentally disagree with is Best Theme Song, which TVB might as well rename as the Jinny Ng Award.

    2. Hey! We definitely agree that the best theme song is rigged. Same with the JSG awards this year, she got gold song of the year again. Thanks for sharing some of your opinions!