Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Overview - Captain of Destiny

While chasing a thief on a speedboat, Cheung Chau police officer Grace Chan is caught in a waterspout and brought back in time to the Qing Dynasty. She meets Tony Hung, a pirate of the Red Flag Fleet, and Ruco Chan, the 11th imperial prince. Grace uses historical facts from her e-book to broker peace between the two groups. However, Lam Lok Lam, the captain of the Red Flag Fleet, and his wife Maggie Siu are suspicious of this girl who came from nowhere. Grace's ability to predict the future attracts the affections of Tony and Ruco, leading to a messy entanglement of love and friendship. Grace also meets her great-grandparents Mandy Wong and Joel Chan. The antics of this quarrelsome couple leaves Grace laughing and crying at the same time. Tony is suddenly embroiled in the power struggle at the palace, while Ruco is unwittingly being manipulated by the consorts Elaine Yiu and Susan Tse. Ruco falls victim in the palace struggle and decides to give up everything for love. He deserts the army and leaves with Kelly Fu, and later encounters the Siam pirate captain, Oceane Zhu. The waterspout reappears in the midst of a solar eclipse. While trying to help Grace, Tony is brought to the future too...

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  1. Really looking forward to this! Is Grace leading female over Mandy?

    Hoping Elaine will have a breakthrough role soon, she's so underrated

  2. The most stupid person in the movie is Wong Tai Mui (main actress). Not Grace fault. But the idiot director