Friday, March 20, 2015


Some trailers have been released ahead of FILMART 2015. Read the series briefs here.

Blue Veins (aka "Vampire")

Brother's Keeper 2

Limelight Years

Lord of Shanghai

Captain of Destiny

Under the Veil

With or Without You

Rogue Emperor

Wudang Rules


  1. Lord of Shanghai looks really good! I'm so looking forward to it.

    @casualtvb what's your prediction for this year's anniversary series? I'm guessing Lord of Shanghai and Blue Veins myself.

    1. It'll be Lord of Shanghai most likely and either Blue Veins or Captain of Destiny. Then again, the cast of COD might be too weak for anniversary, so it might just be a pre-anniversary series.

    2. TVB will promote all 3 : blue Veins, Captain of Destiny, and Lord of Shanghai as anniversary series. Confirmed by executives

  2. Blue Veins looks pretty intense! pretty impressed with the graphics and cgi....but not gonna have high hopes for it till it's aired since TVB tends to make trailers look really impressive but nothing like what the actual drama is actually like hahah.

    Lord of Shanghai looks really intense! i'm excited for this too! amazing cast so hope it won't disappoint!

    can't believe Grace Chan is in three trailers....getting tired of seeing her...