Saturday, January 03, 2015

The Police Career of Mandy Wong

Think Madam Kate is amazing? Mandy Wong's police career spans over half a century!

Mandy was one of the first female officers recruited into the police force. She made her debut in the Criminal Investigation Department (Always and Ever).

Afterwards, she is assigned to the Patrol Sub Unit where she encounters Laughing Gor (E.U.)

Inspired by Laughing Gor, Mandy joins the Criminal Intelligence Bureau to learn how to be an undercover. Her superior is none other than Laughing Sir! (Lives of Omission)

With a promotion to Probationary Inspector, Mandy is selected into the elite Special Duties Unit. Working first as a support staff, she later passes through rigorous tests to become the first female member on the operation team (Tiger Cubs I and II).

After Mandy receives a promotion to Inspector, she decides to take on new challenges. She serves in the Airport Security Unit before taking charge of the Emergency Unit (Sergeant Tabloid).

Mandy becomes pregnant and is transferred to the newly created Miscellaneous Enquiries unit. (Nothing Special Force)

Updated September 24, 2017