Monday, July 16, 2012

Upcoming Movie: DIVA 華麗之後

Release Date: August 17, 2012
Cast: Joey Yung, Chapman To, He Gu, Mag Lam

This movie takes us into the backstage of the HK music industry. Joey Yung is a diva whose glamorous onstage career doesn’t reflect her lonesome life away from the spotlight. When forced to take a break after losing her voice, she meets a blind man (Hu Ge) and discovers a new perspective to life. They begin a secret romance filled with difficulties and obstacles…

Meanwhile, Mag Lam, a newcomer, is suddenly propelled into stardom. Fame brings along many conflicts. The non-stop rumours cause her boyfriend to break up with her. She also has to deal with the pressures of being touted as Joey’s challenger.

Very excited to see Joey in this movie. She is essentially playing herself in this role as was tailor-made for her. There is bound to be some revelations about her life behind the scenes and also the inner-workings of EEG.

Update: I'm assuming this is the theme song of the movie. Let's just say it won't be my favourite Joey song... not a fan of Mag. 

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