Friday, July 13, 2012

More New Dramas!

As promised, part deux of introducing the dramas that I await eagerly...
(I will only post the links to the trailer because it's taking too long to load the page.)

ATF Terror – If Tiger Cubs is any indicator, this will be good! Of course this doesn’t have the same million dollar budget and abundance of muscular men as Tiger Cubs, but it should still feature some awesome action scenes. Ruco Chan’s role as an undercover cop should propel him to higher heights since HK audiences seem to really love undercover cops.

Ruco Chan explains his character:

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Highs and Lows – Raymond Lam takes a departure from his handsome, gentleman characters. This time he’s a rugged cop, complete with the mustache. The sales presentation trailer featured an intriguing plot about bribery and betrayal. The cast is different from the sales presentation (save for Michael Miu and Kate Tsui), but I hope they kept the same storyline. This is the same producer as Tiger Cubs so I expect serious action stuff.

Raymond Lam explains his character:

Justice Attack – Lawyer dramas always interest me for their cases and legal perspectives. Will this be funny like Ghetto Justice or more serious like The Other Truth? There’s bound to be comedic moments with Sammy Leung, Louis Yuen and Johnson Lee. According to Wikipedia, the character’s names make reference to HK celebrities and slang. I’m thinking this might lean towards Ghetto Justice-like. With Michael Tse in the leading role, this might be a crossover of Law Ba and Laughing Gor.

Sidenote: They are actually making a film featuring Law Ba x Laughing Gor.


Rosy Business 3 – This series has yet to be confirmed. But if it is given the green light, it will surely be a hit. It takes things into the modern business world. The cast will be Wayne Lai, possibly paired with Michelle Yim. I have a feeling it will depend on how well the pairing is received in The Confidant. But is it still Rosy Business without Sheren and Producer Lee Tim Shing?

Triumph in the Skies II – Are they ever going to film this series? The rumored storyline involves a whole tangle of relationships. Normally, I wouldn’t want to sort through all the mess, but I’ll probably watch this because of the cast and the fact that it’s such a major production. Plus the airplane scenes are pretty cool. But with Fala Chen in a leading role, I am going to keep my expectations low.

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  1. can't wait to see sexy LF in more series <3 <3 <3 is he in tits? wuld like to see him as handsome pilot!!