Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gilded Chopsticks Connection

It is time to complete the relationship chart for the Qing Dynasty!

Let’s go back to The Life and Times of a Sentinel. Sunny Chan was the Shunzhi (順治) Emperor, the first Qing emperor to rule over all of China.

Shunzhi (Sunny) was succeeded by his son, the Kangxi (康熙) Emperor, played by Power Chan.
  • Gilded Chopsticks begins during the later reign of Kangxi, now played by Elliot Ngok.
  • In GC, Power is the 2nd eldest son of Kangxi (himself/Elliot). He is named as crown prince, but is twice-deposed.

In TLTOS, Elaine Yiu was Kangxi’s (Power in TLTOS) 3rd Empress. She died one day after being named Empress. Grace Wong was one of Kangxi’s concubines. She is the mother of his eldest surviving son.

In GC, Kangxi’s (Elliot) consort is Rosanne Lui. She was posthumously named as his 4th Empress. Rosanne is the mother of Kangxi’s fourth son, the future Yongzheng (雍正) Emperor, played by Ben Wong. She is also the mother of the 14th prince, Owen Cheung.

Louis Cheung (8th), Derek Wong (9th) and Matthew Ko (10th) are all sons of Kangxi (Elliot), bore by different concubines.

After a lengthy 61 years on the throne, Kangxi (Elliot) dies and is succeeded by the Yongzheng Emperor (Ben).

Yongzheng (Ben) takes Nancy Wu as his concubine. She gives birth to three children, but they all die prematurely.

Yongzheng’s 2nd Empress gives birth to his eventual successor, the Qianlong (乾隆) Emperor. 

Relationship map continues with:

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The full Qing Dynasty relationship map (click to see):


  1. gotta give you major props for figuring this all out. i was confused just reading our descriptions and had to refer to the map for clarity haha. amazing how you're able to link them all together and make sense of it all! i'm only familiar with the names of the emperor, but never could quite figure out who came first and how the line of succession worked. good job! it looks amazing!

    1. It was hardest to figure out the Empresses and concubines because Kangxi had so many of them. And TVB threw in some fictional ones too.

  2. Is nancy wu going to be Bens concubine in GC?

  3. This is awesome! :)

  4. Seriously, great job at the chart, what with mixing this dramas and that dramas together.

    Here's a huge history inaccuracy which was really noticeable to even an amateur in history like me. Qianlong, who's Yongzheng's son, is supposed to be Kangxi's favorite grandson and spent a lot of time in his childhood days with his grandfather and really respected and adored Kangxi to the extent where he abdicated so as not to rule longer than Kangxi's 61 year rule.

    And in Gilded Chopsticks, Kangxi died before Yongzheng even married.

    1. Yep, TVB's "history" is often inaccurate with regards to the timing of things.