Friday, February 28, 2014

Overview- Ruse of Engagement

Widow Louise Lee raised her sons, Ruco Chan and Ron Ng, on her own. The brothers are both members of the Anti-Terrorist Force (ATF) and are recognized by their superior Eddie Kwan. However, a single tip causes the brothers to become enemies. Ruco obtains a reliable tip from reporter Yoyo Mung and begins investigating a secret organization. He is nearly killed in the process. Unable to return to his job, he asks girlfriend Aimee Chan, an intelligence analyst in ATF, to steal data from the police to help with his investigation. Ron believes that his brother has already betrayed the police force. When Ruco suddenly goes missing, Ron takes the opportunity to pursue Aimee. Fortunately, Ruco had Yoyo by his side during his most difficult time and they develop feelings for each other. Now, Ruco has put himself on the line to lure out the terrorists. He appears to have forgotten all notions of loyalty and brotherhood.

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