Sunday, October 13, 2013

Will Power - Preview of Cases

Case #1: The Yacht Gift
Moses helps a wealthy businessman (Du Yange) win his case to get a refund for a luxury yacht. But the businessman unexpectedly dies from overexcitement. It turns out the yacht was supposed to be a special gift for his daughter. How can the estate trustee properly administer his will in accordance with his dying wish?

Case #2: Roast Goose Store
What is more important: sticking to traditions or keeping up with modern trends? Two brothers of a famous roast goose store each have their own opinions. Elder brother Yu Yang is persuaded by his foreign-educated son (Max Cheung) to expand the business. Reform vs traditions – which is right and which is wrong? Or does the brand left by their late father have a deeper meaning?

Case #3: Dragon-Headed Stick
Elliot Ngok is the estate trustee for triad leader Lee Ka-Ding. After Lee Ka-Ding’s death, Elliot’s law firm took custody of his assets, including a dragon-headed stick. The stick itself did not have any real value, but whoever possessed could command the underworld. Eric Li wants to get hold of the dragon-headed stick so that he could become the next leader of the triads. He decides to hire Moses to open litigation on the case.

Case #4: Sunset Elegy
Is there an age limit on love? Especially when a younger person is in a relationship with a rich elderly person, is it always for the money? Samantha Ko used to be an ordinary office worker, but now she is the widow of an 80-year old man and embroiled in a legal battle over his inheritance. No one would believe that Samantha and retired principal Bowie Wu were truly in love. His three children think that Samantha was only after his money and refuses to give her a share of his wealth.

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