Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Overview - The Hippocratic Crush II

Although he is faced with dying patients at work and his pregnant wife (Tavia Yeung) at home, Kenneth Ma insists on shouldering the burden alone. But the heavy weight is leaving him with almost no room to breathe. Along with frequent disagreements with the master surgeon Lawrence Ng and Tavia’s sudden miscarriage, Kenneth is hard-hit with everything in his life.

To make Kenneth understand that he must let go of his stubbornness, Tavia decides to switch specialities and begin learning all over again. Kenneth finds this difficult to accept at first, but as he watches Him Law and Mandy Wong gradually mature to become independent doctors, and with inspiration from Lawrence and Tavia, Kenneth finally realizes that a doctor is like a warrior; he must know his own role and capabilities before he can help other people.

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