Sunday, September 29, 2013

Overview - Will Power

Hong Kong's two famous lawyers Wayne Lai and Moses Chan are facing off against each other in court. Wayne turns the tables to win the case, but it nearly costs him his life. After that, he changes his perspective on life. Senior Counsel Elliot Ngok is impressed and invites Wayne to work with him on a big inheritance case. Meanwhile, Moses is forced to return to his mentor Chung King-Fei's law firm due to debt problems. He begins to work with King Sir's daughter Fala Chen on cases. Fala is initially dating the wealthy Vincent Wong, but things go astray due to Vincent's grandiose yet unambitious attitude, giving Moses a chance to chase after her. The inheritance case is ready to go on trial with Wayne's ex-wife/Moses' ex-girlfriend Christine Ng sitting as the judge. As the two men prepare for another court battle, they begin to realize there is another truth to the case and the key person is related to Wayne's apprentice Jason Chan. They inevitably brew up a big storm in the legal world...

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