Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Overview - Brother's Keeper

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. Under the wheel of time, two brothers are separated and reunited, only to be driven apart again by their choices…

Ruco Chan and Edwin Siu are step-brothers. Fate not only separates them in two places, but also puts them through the dramatic changes of history. Younger brother Edwin lived in Macau with their mother Louise Lee as illegal residents. He went through many challenges, relying on hard work and help from his friends Kristal Tin and Louis Yuen, in order to reach success. On the other hand, elder brother Ruco lived independently in Hong Kong and chose to take the shortcut. He allied with gangster Louis Cheung and slept with the wealthy Ankie Beilke. His actions leave girlfriend Linda Chung heart-broken; in the end, he loses both money and love. Edwin hopes to bring Ruco back on track, but Ruco is adamant in his ways, causing the brothers to turn into rivals. Making matters worse, they fall in love with the same person. Through the Hong Kong and Macau handovers, SARS epidemic, global financial crisis and other era-marking events, they experience the ups and downs of life, and learn that whether it is success or failure, there is a price to pay. Two initially interdependent brothers grow further and further apart in the face of unpredictability and change, but one belief is still firmly implanted in their shared DNA. No matter what the challenges are, they will meet again someday along a new, vibrant path…

I'm excited for this because (1) Ruco!! and (2) it will trace the modern history of Hong Kong and Macau, which I obviously love. 

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  1. Do you might know the English background song that is played on Episode 20 for Brothers Keeper?