Saturday, September 07, 2013

Time-Travelling Dramas

Humans have travelled to the depths of the seas, conquered the heights of the mountains and even left a footprint on the moon. So what's stopping us from time-travelling? Well, apparently, we’ve done that too…

Always and Ever – Bobby Au-Yeung’s soul zips through time, travelling from the Song Dynasty to the 1950s and back to the present, as Bobby tries to escape from the evil curse befalling him and his lover (Esther Kwan).

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A Step into the Past – Louis Koo agrees to participate in a scientific experiment to go back to the Warring States period and witness the coronation of the future Qin Shi Huang (Raymond Lam). But a critical error during the transportation process leaves Louis stuck in the past.

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Three Kingdoms RPG – Avid video gamer Kenneth Ma is taken back to the Three Kingdoms period, where he meets his idol Zhuge Liang (Raymond Lam). Kenneth uses his knowledge from video games to help Zhuge Liang in his military endeavours.

A Chip off the Old Block – Ron Ng finds himself back in the 1960s, where he meets the younger version of his father (Sunny Chan). They go through many things together and Ron slowly begins to gain appreciation for his father’s selfless principles.

The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow – The Yongzheng Emperor (Kwong Wah) and an assassin (Maggie Cheung) are both warped forward in time to the 21st century. Yongzheng uses the same diligence to navigate the modern corporate world as he did when he was fighting for the throne.

To Get Unstuck in Time – Roger Kwok is able to communicate with his father (Benz Hui) from 20 years ago through an old telephone. Father and son work together to solve crimes that spans across time dimensions.


  1. i love the variety and creativity of your posts! the themes are always something new and unique! :) so refreshing to read about random facts related to tvb dramas/history/miscellaneous stuff. keep it up! really enjoy reading them!

    1. Thank you so much! I love reading comments like these, you keep me motivated! :D

    2. btw....i think your "upcoming posts" is a great idea, the titles are always creative yet leave some suspense that makes me want to read it already! like the bobby curse, really curious to know what that is!

    3. Hehe, I'm going to keep you in suspense for a while longer. I'm waiting for the right moment to post it ;D

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