Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Succession War Connection

Let’s situate Succession War in the TVB Qing Dynasty world.

As you will recall, Ben Wong played the Yongzheng Emperor in Gilded Chopsticks.

He is the father of the Qianlong Emperor, played by KK Cheung in Succession War. Qianlong retires as emperor after 60 years, passing the throne to his son, the Jiaqing Emperor.

Shaun Tam plays the Jiaqing Emperor in Succession War. It is the same character as Yu Yang in War and Beauty.

Jiaqing’s first Empress is Jess Sum. She is the mother of his eventual successor, the Daoguang Emperor, played by child actor Nono Yeung. He will grow up to be Sunny Chan in Curse of the Royal Harem.

The first Empress (Jess) has already died at the time of Succession War. Selena Li is Jiaqing's Imperial Noble Consort and will eventually become his second Empress. The character becomes Rebecca Chan in War and Beauty and is made Empress Dowager in Curse of the Royal Harem, played by Gigi Wong.

Looking at Jiaqing’s other concubines, Katherine Ho plays Concubine Yu, who will later be promoted to be Consort Yu, a character famously played by Sheren Tang in War and Beauty. Siu Hoi Yan plays Consort Hua, who is Gigi Lai in War and Beauty.

Also, notice how the imperial crown and robes has been "passed down" through the generations.

See Gilded Chopsticks Connection for map before this era

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  1. You know what, i was just thinking "Wonder if CasualTVB will have a map related so i could see how far the connection of SW characters & Cixi was." and lord be hold there actually is! I just want to say i really love these historic posts you do :) Thank you for doing it!