Sunday, June 24, 2018

Overview - Succession War

Ruco Chan supported imperial prince Shaun Tam to be emperor. After the Qianlong Emperor dies, Shaun persuades Ruco's son (Matthew Ho) and confidant (Joel Chan) to turn on Ruco as he seeks to eliminate Ruco and his associates. But Ruco has already planned for this. He not only defuses Shaun's attack, but turns the tables and reveals imperial concubine Selena Lee's secret, causing Shaun to face enemies from both sides! Ruco's second wife Elaine Yiu and soulmate Natalie Tong act separately to turn Shaun's brother (Jonathan Cheung) against him. Meanwhile, the White Lotus sect is stirring up trouble, putting Shaun in a desperate situation. Except the Mandate of Heaven cannot be violated...


  1. I hope TVB gives a fair trial for Selena Li for the future production. Her acting skill outshines other lead females in the series. Specially chemistry between Shaun and Selena has made a deep impression to the viewers.

    1. I agree! Selena has been spectacular in this series and in prior series too, but she hasn’t spent much time at TVB in recent years, so she has been overlooked.

    2. A must watch series. Good performance from Rico Chan n Selina Li.