Monday, May 05, 2014

TVB Trends: Nostalgia

Miriam Yeung - "集體回憶" (Collective Memories)

TVB has been tapping into our collective memories a lot lately. Do you feel a sense of nostalgia when watching these series?

Never Dance Alone - The series features seven actresses from the 1990s, all of whom form a part of our childhood memories. The series will also take viewers back to their high school days.

Swipe Tap Love - The series incorporates many classic Cantopop songs that matches with the mood of the story.

Coffee Cat Mama - The series paid homage to Leslie Cheung by using his songs as background for Vincent Wong and Nancy Wu's story.

Always and Ever - The golden couple of Bobby Au-Yeung and Esther Kwan are reunited. There's even a scene of them in a shooting range to bring back memories of Armed Reaction.

Triumph in the Skies II - Watching the sequel after ten years will surely make you think back to the original series.

Brother's Keeper - Tracing the journey of Hong Kong and Macau through the last 30 years, older viewers will be reminded of the historical events that shaped their lives.

Remakes - TVB will be continuing the trend of nostalgia in their dramas by remaking some of its classic series, including Double Fantasies and The Misadventure of Zoo.

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