Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dance Series

Never Dance Alone - Six former high school friends are reunited after 20 years. They work together to defend their dance studio against their old rival.

Steps - Bernice Liu dreams of taking dancing classes abroad. She takes a job offer at a local dancing centre to save money for her trip. There, she meets Steven Ma, who proves to be a compatible partner on and off the dance floor.

House of Harmony and Vengeance - The Tang Dynasty was known for its cultural activities. This series takes us into the Imperial Music Bureau, where dancers and musicians prepare for performances before the Emperor.

The Purple Hairpin - Michelle Ye is a famous courtesan during the Tang Dynasty. She wins the imperial dance competition, but unknowingly falls into a scheme that will send her far away from her homeland.

Always and Ever - The 1950s segment features Mandy Wong and Rebecca Zhu as dancers at a night club, competing with each other for the spotlight.

Links to Temptation - Fala Chen is a pole dancer who falls in love with Steven Ma. Their relationship is complicated when Fala is used by Yoyo Mung in a revenge plot against a wealthy businessman.

This post was suggested by a reader some time back, so here you go :)

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